About PUB20

PUB20 Coin is a joint project of the Secret Gaming Community and its founding members. Since 2021, PUB20 project has been transacting in many fields, especially in Gaming, in United Kingdom and United State and in many countries of the world. Secret Gaming Community in on to Metaverse, thus the work efficiency, ease of communication in meetings, and time saving will be ensured.


Why PUB20 Coin?

Every Technology need upgrades from time to time & same is with our PUB20 Coin; after such a wonderful start, PUB20 COIN announces PUB20 Coin v2.0, a new technology token with upgraded features.

PUB20 can be bought, sold, and traded among players on various exchanges. Furthermore, users can buy and sell PUB20 Based virtual land, assets, game avatars parcels on open NFT marketplaces. It’s no wonder PUB20 occupies a top position in the crypto coins game.

Our Roadmap

  • Coin gecko listing coin market cap listing 5000+ holders etherscan / trust wallet logo influencer marketing (twitter, tiktok, ig, etc)
  • Development of nft project nfts air drop to random holders nfts air drop to random holders partnerships with celebritygamers/ partnerships with celebritygamers/ influencers to promote nfts influencers to promote nfts 2-3 new exchange listings
  • Metaverse beta testing metaverse beta testing environment creation environment creation integration of ai and vi integration of ai and vi 3d audio testing 3d audio testing interconnected spaces
  • Live editing programmable atoms programmable atoms metaverse beta release metaverse beta release new exchanges
  • V3 metascanner @ future blockchain summit blockchain summit expanding team expanding team website v2
  • Further cex listings growing more international growing more international communities communities expanding global presence & expanding global presence & awareness awareness
  • Metapub20/wdw marketplaces marketplaces meta nft development meta nft development meta mobile app
  • Blockchain meetsups gaming conferences & expositions gaming conferences & expositions officially install public metapub20 3d. Officially install public metapub20 3d.

PUB20 Partners